AVD AAR Turn 1/p2

The next image shows the map after 22 Army moves.

The third chit draw is Soviet 20 Army. Here are the initial positions of the units activated by 22 Army HQ.

The isolated soviet unit does not have enough movement allowance to withdraw from encirclement. Within the limits of the available units the soviet player opts to place a continuous line of ZOC from Krasnoye to as far north as possible. There is no way for any of these units to reach the Velizh VP city.

The next image shows the final positions of units activated by 20 Army HQ

The fourth chit drawn is Air Power and the German recovers 1 STUKA.

The fifth chit drawn is REINF. The following details the steps in order for reinforcements.

Step 1. Soviet Timoshenko reinforcements.

The next image shows the Timoshenko units after entering the map.

Timoshenko Command Chit goes in the cup. The three infantry units are strat moved to Rogachev, Staryy Bykhov and as close as possible to Bobruysk. The Timoshenko HQ enters from the box into the woods and advances to keep Rogachev and 21 Army HQ in command distance.

Step 2. Soviet normal reinforcements.

The soviet player gets 1 PVO draws a Red 3-4 Elite and chooses 3 3-4 Tan units from the Replacement box.

These units are placed in the following hexes

PVO = Rogachev VP City

3-4 Elite = Krasnopolye adjacent Timoshenko HQ

69 3-4 2520 adjacent 21 Army HQ

52 3-4 3825 adjacent 19 Army HQ

53 3-4 3527 20 Army HQ

Step 3. German normal reinforcements.

3 German 4-5 enter 3106

2×4-5 to Orsha

1×4-5 to 3318

2 German 4-5 and 2 9th Army HQ enter 3902

2×4-5 plus 6-5 HQ to 4412

6-10 HQ to 4210

Step 4. Minsk Pocket Release

The German player releases 15 German 4-5 Infantry and 4 9th Army HQ from the Minsk Pocket. total points = 23

In addition the German pays 1 additional point to add 1 9th Army Command Chit to the cup for GT 1.

MINSK POCKET die roll on Max column = 6 !!!

COMMENTARY: This is absolutely the best possible result for the German player; no soviet units released. Or in other words all Gain, no Pain.

Also Note the advance of 1 soviet 3-4 from Timoshenko reinforcements jams up the German Minsk units release even with the soviet unit out of command.

The released German units relocate as follows:

FROM 3106 Entry

6-5 HQ to Orsha

2×4-5 plus 6-5 HQ to 3218

2×4-5 to 3217

4-5 to 3318

4-5 to 3316

FROM 2704 Entry

2×4-5 plus 6-5 HQ to Bobruysk

2×4-5 plus 6-5 HQ to 2108

2×4-5 to 2107

2×4-5 to 2208

4-5 to 2307

The sixth chit drawn is Timoshenko. The following image shows the units activated by Timoshenko HQ

COMMENTARY: The gods of luck giveth and the gods of luck taketh away. The German gets a good Minsk Table die roll but now the soviet player gets an immediate response before any German units activate.

Now the soviet player has to decide if he is defensive or offensive with the Timoshenko activation. Remember the Timoshenko +1 column shift on offense. The best target is the 3 Pz alone on 2517. However only two soviet units are in range and one has to attack across the river 4.5 to 2 or 2 to 1 odds. 3 Pz is in a woods hex which negates the Timoshenko shift advantage. The soviet player goes for it!

The soviet player can move units through Rogachev and form a line north of the city but this may leave the position weaker to the east at Krichev and Roslav. Also this will require the Timoshenko HQ and probably 21 Army HQ to maintain control of a far west deployment. If the Minsk Pocket had released Soviet units this might be a good option.

The soviet player chooses to attack 3 Pz and shift Timoshenko HQ to the east.

Soviet attack DR=9 no effect all units remain in positions at end of move as shown in the previous image.

COMMENTARY: Since all soviet HQ have activated the German player knows that all remaining activations are his units.


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