DAK2 19-2-41 Notes on current crisis

After much admonishing and self flagellation, The allies stopped trying to ram HH…..head on…. So they went wide and deep…. A bit too deep…. A bit too wide…

Its Feb 19th 1941. Rommel sits in Tobruk, in a freshly pressed uniform, with his first units. Discussing next steps.

rommeland ItGenerals

Fearful of admonishment the Italians kicks some serious ass. In a bold stroke they counter attack aggressively. Placing most of Allies OOS, and killing the primary and only HQ….+2 org trucks and 2 1T trucks were captured!!! Is this too big a fail?…. Should we reset back to say January, and chalk up a win to the Axis…OR should we soldier on stiff upper lip and what not.

End of the 19th after Allied move to restore, restrict or reverse the damage, 3 steps lost to attrition, + arty and some minor armor:

OMG… Well my gut is to think as the Allies – “this is a long game, we are just 40-50 turns into a 236 turn game. We got time.”

We can pull back the Allies to Mersa, Which is possible I think without losing too much by way of force.

The other challenge here is that the Greek Campaign is going to start being rolled for 12th of March (execution phase) That means significant withdrawals.

I dont want to restart unless this is a massively stupid error. I think it is just a painful one at the moment…ahem. There were no do overs in the real situation. But perhaps there was better planning!

4 thoughts on “DAK2 19-2-41 Notes on current crisis

  1. I suppose it is a self correcting problem…if the Brits are too crippled, you will find out when Rommel and the Germans take Alexandria. If not, they weren’t that crippled.

    Stiff upper lip, old bean!

    • lol. I did a test run. Rommel is dancing on the SPhinx. then the special Axis rule kicked in : Raiders of the Lost Ark etc etc. Despite stretched lines it got worse in a hurry. Good news is the reset is going well. We re started in Dec 40.

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