DAK2_AAR 1-11-1940-1-1-1941

November 1st the Suez canal is mined. Two infantry brigades are withdrawn one turn after the other via Random Withdrawals.

Simulcast through to December 1st.

Aussies training chit is released.

In December the Axis shipping declines and they need to factor Reinforcements to Tripoli in their capacity calculations.. The Indian forces release shortly, and they and the Aussies prepare to launch their assault.   1st Hussars also attach to the 6th Australian Division.

December 5th.

Clear, As the Aussies release (note AR is -1 until training is complete [I forget this the first combat] and barrel down the primary roads to Gasr Al Abid. Meanwhile 4th Indian and 7th Armoured capture Sidi Barrani without a fight and move further along the coastal highway which is now complete to Sidi Azeiz, they prepare to assault the forces South of Bardia.

December 8th

7th A and 4th Ind. Move forward to engage the dug in Italians. The Italian Reaction phase is swift and brutal.

December 12th

6 AUS releases.. yes. You read it correctly. We made an egregious mistake. Fortunately no attacks were conducted so we have just moved too soon..

hmm. Lots of moving parts to track here and it appears the Spreadsheet aint helping.

December 15th

The Italians pick up initiative but suffer a coast barrage from a random event!  Tobruk is attacked for no effect.

In the early stages of the week the 6Aus brigade is bombed out of existence by the Italian airforce.  The Allies now plan their moves to the front and begin to attack the outskirts of Sollum. The ponderous Wellingtons apply a preparatory bombardment, that disorganizes the defenders on the road to Sollum.

Italian heavy artillery crashes into the 4th Indian during the reaction phase, returning the favor. Expanding their reaction phase 21st Corps Arty ranges in on Shelby killing the unit [later corrected to step loss].

A disastrous start to the offence there is no doubt.

They DG the attacking stack, West of Halfaya Pass, SE of Sollum.

19th of December

Allies clear up their DG’s bring supplies forward. The Aussies and 7 RTR move into position near Bir Sheferzan, arty prep fires on the adjacent units that are dug in and dg’s them all. The subsequent attacks are still leave the Aussies with a 27% chance of a step loss or adverse result, whilst having a 62% chance of knocking the enemy out. both 5th Libyan and B.Scegg die in the battle.

Back in Sollum O’Connors attack ends up in a stand off. 19^6v 19^2 in a Hedgehog.

The 6AUS forces are DG’ed by Italian Arty.

Campbell attacks near Halfaya Pass with 24^6 v 6^1, Defender loses 2. 8th Hussars in the Italian turn are DG’d by a bombing run for the SM-79s

Some rare good news, the Allies conduct a successful attack:

Back in Sollum O’Connors attack ends up in a stand off. 19^6v 19^2 in a Hedgehog.

December 22nd

The Italians take Initiative and we have a rare event! but it is for 1942! bummer. The Italians extend the line, and DG units that look like potential attackers. Two more Hedgehogs are constructed. In the British turn they pull back to lick wounds and reconsider options.

Decmber 26th

The allies take initiative and pass it to the Axis. Rain bogs down map A and E. DEF reposition and look for an opportunity to attack more effectively.

December 29th.

With clear weather the Italian team faces yet another barrage on Tobruks. Supply is rechecked and we seem to be making a few errors.

The Aussie attacks need to all suffer -1 on Action Rating until they go thru training, which is on step 2 of 3. Also the Indians have no intrinsic arty they use divisional. This changes thru the game and I need to track this more closely despite the groovy counter markings.

Images show the attacks but for completeness we attack 39.30, 40.28 and 40.29.  In essence right along that ridge near Halfaya pass. The Italian Reaction phase knock O’conners forces out of consideration for the turn. The hexes attack are all DG’d but are all hedgehogs as well. The Regimental Equivalent (RE) count is negated by the Hedgehog benefit when the barrages hit, despite that 62MG battalion is wiped out.

10T spent 1 Bn killed and 3 DG’s. The attacks have low attacker risk 17% , but the DL1o1/Ao1 means that with the big stack the Italians will take the extra step loss and NOT retreat! The Allies lose another step. In the Exploit phase the Allied armour and mech units gear up and ram down the road. finishing off the tough Italians.

13.5^5 v 9.5^2 +HH. No doubt this time 2 step losses and 2 retreats. Next in the Exploit the 7th Armoured barrels thru the gap, taking out a lone arty piece in the rear line. however option losses are enforced on the 6th RTR as it is indeed an overrun!!!


At Year end the Italians have lost just 3 steps of infantry, 3 tank Bns and 3 infantry Bns. While the Allies lost 2 infantry Brigades, KRRC, the 6th RTR, the Desert Rats and one polish Cavalry unit….. Plus 3 withdrawals.


4 thoughts on “DAK2_AAR 1-11-1940-1-1-1941

  1. Excellent DAR.

    I do wish that one day we will get more wargames where there is no stacking but smaller scale hexes..obviously that would make the map even bigger! I just hate stacking in games.

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