VCS Salerno Makes the Cut

VCS 01 Salerno makes the cut! 

With a large pre order from a retailer! This means that the VCS system which has its roots in designs such as PanzerGruppe Guderian, Cobra and Operation Typhoon will see light of down in the future! Several exciting title are to follow on the heels of Salerno, all situated in the Eastern Front.

I had an opportunity to play with a VASSAL test module recently, and can attest to the excellent graphics and counter art! There are also some novel ideas pertaining to mountain ranges allowing for a more compact map to be used by imposing a ‘movement track’ specifically for traversing this geographic but importnat obstacle.

The landing, supply and early stage fighting is intense and gives both sides stark choices to make in the early game.

I have not had time to invest in much Vassal based play lately so Salerno has not been on the radar. I hope to get thru a few turns and share with you some of the neat aspects of the game.

If you are interested  in the game hit the link above to read more or send Nathan an email, he is very proactively supporting his game.


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