White Mountain, 1620 SiA p1

GMT’s Musket & Pike Series visits the Thirty Years War.

My introduction to the series. This is a classic era, where many conventions from Ancient history and the Classical mode of fighting where re visited and revised thru the prism of new weapons and technology. Combinations of Pike men and early musket types in Phalanx, Hedgehogs to defend against cavalry, and the new threat of Artillery ranging across the field.

EDIT: Note a couple of errors upon review. I neglect to place markers for momentum for the intercept. I actually forgot to roll for Intercept success….sigh. Plus the result was MORALE not Formation Shaken. big difference….I think.

All presented in a stunning package, with amazing quality and art. I am looking forward to learning this series.


3 thoughts on “White Mountain, 1620 SiA p1

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