PbP [Play by Poll] – C.V. 0100 June 3rd ’42

Lets get ready to rumble!

We are almost ready to start the Battle of Midway and play the Yaquinto classic C.V.

Here is an outline of how we shall start proceedings.

Each Turn of our Play by Poll game will consist of several actions and decisions required by the players.

We have a volunteer or two to man a CV Task Force, and possibly a General for the Island of Midway as well.

Other players will have an opportunity to support the decision making process as  as the game matures.

Now your rules – Radio Silence is in effect. All US commanders must send me an email @ hipshott  AT gmail DOT com in order to send a note, advice or suggestion or question to another commander.

I will roll a 1d6 to determine how many turns that takes to arrive.

Updates and action requests will appear here and on youtube. In the next day or so I will post images of your Taskforce under command, and their locations at start.  The first action will be to decide where to search and what search pattern to use.

The US forces must find the IJN. Each search plane has a Endurance factor (# of turns in the air) and a search range(how far it can see from its current location). Careful planning is required or your guys end up in the drink!

As a standard I will always assume that the Northern most plane will keep the ‘edge of the world’ as it furthest hex to search, and that unless specifically stated all planes will run patterns that are linked from edge to edge of their search range in their flight formation.

Like this:

Search pattern

Search pattern

Task Forces with Search craft are welcome to launch also, but note this will provide intel to the enemy on your possible location.

A Typical Search pattern:

The next task will be choosing when to launch extra resources to fly to Midway from Hawaii and Johnston Is. – Extra Fortress Bombers and Catalinas.

The Cats from Johnston will take 3 turns to arrive from the activation, then they hit the board and must either fly to base OR they could continue on and begin their search, of course allowing for a return flight to Midway to refuel.

The Hawaiian based craft take 6 turns to arrive. In a future post we will be asking you to decide upon how much Air cover or CAP to keep over your ships and Midway, as well as what types of aircraft you have ready for combat and your mix of weapons. Simple choices.



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