DAK2 AAR 15-10-40 – 1-11-40

Dak 2 Game Play.

DAKII_AAR_10-15-40 – 10-19-40

The Allies require the NZ, Indian and 6th Australian Division for their offensive. They plan (erroneously) to conduct that attack on the 5th of December 1940. This date is chosen as each side is wary of the force build up and SP accumulation being carried out. What the Allies failed to do here is correctly read the reinforcement chart, which will have dire consequences as we shall soon see.

[side bar…it may look like I did not continue to fulfill the Mussolini conditions. That is mostly correct, in an effort to speed play along – I knew the Allies wanted to wait until December for a major assault, so we fudged the withdrawal. This may in hindsight have let too many Italians “escape”. Therefore I am going to replay those turns in the VASSAL module to see what may have happened by having to stay fulfilled on those rules. If the British can advance and avoid Sidi Birrani (which releases the Italians from the Mussolini Line provision) then they can crack on the Italians fairly hard, as they will be required to reinforce to meet obligations.  That may have been a blunder of some significance on my part.]

Regardless the plan is that the 7th Armoured Division, and 4th Indian will strike down to Sidi Barrani, capture it and stage forward to Bardia from there. Meanwhile the Aussies with 7th RTR cross attached and some extra arty will force towards the cross roads West of the Bir Sheferzan  Ridge.

On the 26th of October the Italians begin to withdraw from Sidi Barrani, and extend defenses from Bardia South West along the slopes and Ridges. Halfaya Pass and other areas are reinforced with Hedgehogs and Divisions of poorly rated Infantry with higher action rated MG battalions to provide a fighting chance.

[Play Note,  I intend for the Axis to use the same techniques that the French used; placing deep stores of arty in key locations in Reserve mode to hammer approaching forces in the Reaction Phase.  While the Italians are brittle like the French they have good terrain and some limited HH to protect themselves. If the Italians can channel the enemy into poor terrain and force DG’s then we have a chance at slowing the powerful but SINGLE step Allied forces. ]

Now realizing their error regarding the release of the Kiwis. 4th India is split around the escarpement, 7th Arm. Is strung along the road…..not good at all thinks High Command.



6 thoughts on “DAK2 AAR 15-10-40 – 1-11-40

  1. Bypassing an undefended Sidi in order to keep the restrictions alive seems gamey. Now, not advancing anyone I could understand (ie, the offensive isn’t ready), but you need that town to get supplies forward.

    I think that destroyed Italians still count for Mussolini restrictions, but I might be remembering this from Afrika II.

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