World in… what have I got myself into?

World in Flames – Final Edition (Deluxe) Credit: GameCloset (BGG)

I managed to pick up World in Flames – Final Edition: Deluxe off eBay. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get it, and honestly didn’t expect to win the auction but lo and behold I did! Yet… I’m not sure what to think. Honestly, what have I gotten myself into?

Lots of punching and clipping!

Yes, you may be asking yourself, “Wait, I thought this guy was a wargaming rookie, just getting into the hobby? Is he really going to play this epic monster? Are those really clipped counters?”

Alas, it is true. I’ve become a clipper. I couldn’t reason with myself to get the $40 tool despite how nice it looks, it just cut too deep into my limited hobby budget so I found a great tutorial on BGG, which you can find Here – Thanks William for your insight!

The Germans met a similar fate as the Soviets. It seemed nothing could stop the clippers.

Witness the utter horror and carnage! Barbarossa scenario ready to play!

With a majority of the units punched and clipped (I realize it is not a necessity but was watching some good movies and found it timely) I’m now ready to possibly, maybe jump into World in Flames. So what does it look like all laid out? Let’s find out…

World in Flames – All Maps!

Western & Eastern Europe

The meeting of the two map sections.

Asia & The Pacific. Note the Americas minimap in the top right hand corner. See below for a zoomed in picture.

The Americas!


What about Africa?


And that’s where I got the title for this… what in the world have I gotten myself into? This thing is MASSIVE. Granted, I know there are some that are larger in physical size, such as The Devil’s Cauldron/Where Eagles Dare combined, as well as Case Blue and DAK2, but you can’t find those for what I got World in Flames: Final Edition – Deluxe for on eBay. This costs a fraction of those two combinations mentioned, takes up a smaller footprint, and probably rivals playtime. Of course, the small Barbarossa scenario is simply one map, Eastern Europe, but it was cool seeing this thing all setup.

Counter organization solution so far – split into unit types within each group (Land/Naval/Air). Of course this is simply the classic game with no units from the expansions included. Again, massive!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Going to head downstairs and get some Leros, The Blitzkrieg Legend, and the Barbarossa scenario setup on my table, all one mapper scenarios. Most likely will dive into The Blitzkrieg Legend first as I want to try out the OCS system, and see if I like it.

Thanks all if you’ve made it this far – lot of pictures. Just wanted to share how cool this game looks. No idea when I’ll get to it.


2 thoughts on “World in… what have I got myself into?

    • Thanks for the comment Dave!

      Yeah, it does look quite fun. I tore it down as pictured above, and now have three one mappers setup. The Barbarossa campaign for WIF, the North scenario for The Blitzkrieg Legend (OCS), and Map B from Leros (TCS) setup for 5.3 – Night Scenario! Lot o gaming ahead of me 🙂

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