RAF The Battle of Britain Week #1 11-17 August 1940 p3

Day 2. 12th of August 1940

0600 Weather Clear, the German effort changes to All Out.

Priorities change as well.

Region: 1/11 Tangamere is the first target of the Germans.  In a Minor attack, the British scramble Late but have Accurate data.

1xMe110 A low result…and the 110 gets thru and earns a Hit ! -2VP

0900 6/11 Hornechurch A Major raid on the Airfield is presented. Data arrives Medium/Vague

2×109, 2x Do17 versus 2 Spitifres and 2x Hurricane

Hunt: 2x Me Fat. /Retire and 1 each Spit and Hurr. Fat.

Bomber: 4x Spitfire v the 2 Do17’s. L+N/oL.

The Bombers roll thru fatigued and generate a Hit (H).

-2VP An Event Changes Priorities.

1100 7/11 Biggin Hill Airfield , is beset by a minor raid. Medium/Vague Intel.

The Brits allocate 1 Spit. A 110 goes on a Strafe. 2×110’s and 2xJu88’s Bomb Box L+N/oL Bombers get another hit. -1VP

1/12 Raid upon Coltishall, Airfield. No Raid.

5/11 Southend is the target of a Major raid. Detection is Medium/Vague.  The force is substantial. 2×109’s 3x Do17, 1xMe110 and a Ju88.

The Hunt Box +H/oN  Allies – N. Bomb box generates an Eliminated.

1400 7/11 Biggin Hill Airfield . Major raid. The Intel is Early/Vague.

Patrolling Squadrons land! Hunt N/E!!! Bombing run take place on the Max column.

EOD +2 Eod, -3 Spitfire. -3 Hit. Net VP 9

13th of August Day 3 Cloudy German Effort Light.

0600 6/11 Dover Minor raid, Vague and Late Intel.

2 Spits v 2 109s L/+h/ol Advance 12 hours!


14th of August Clear, All Out German Effort.

0600 6/11 Airfield, with Vague warning and Late Intel.

1xSpit. V 1xHe111 – splash one! Elim.

0800 3/10 Bristol Industrial target. The data received is Late but Accurate. A major Raid. Sx J87 v 1Spit 1x Hurr.  +L+N the J87s suffer +L oE!

1000 4/11 Debden – Abort 4/11 Debden –

Abort 1400 Weymouth Radar is targeted. Minor Raid planned. Medium data and Poor Intel force a tough choice at 3/4s of the way thru the day.

3Hurr. 1 Spit. V 1xMe 109!!  Elim.

4/10 Worth Station, minor raid. Late Poor Intel. They change Target to Bournemouth. No fighter response. No hit.

1700 5/11 Airfield, & Southend city via event. Medium/Vague.

The Brits decide to go for gold…. 3 Spits, 5 Hurr. V 2 x109 2x J88 1x 111 and 2 Me110. Brits take a beating…..I don’t know why. 34 bomber factors hit in fatigued status. 1900 EOD 4VP

While I find this mildly interesting, I am not sure I want to crank thru 40 more turns of this. So far the situation has not felt terribly tense, and I’m likely doing something wrong. Regardless this title does provide a nice feel for the situation, just not the tense drama I was expecting. Filed to be repeated at some point.


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