RAF The Battle of Britain Week #1 11-17 August 1940 p2

Note Part 2 of the WWII series, we resolve combat.

RAF The Battle for Britain 1940


August 11th 1940

Looks like I lost 1st raid results… lets move on not much happened!

A Cloudy day presaged a light work load for the weary pilots. [German Light Effort].

The first few cards drawn end up No Raid for the British.

Then a Port is attacked under a major effort.

Detection: Early/Poor .

[Player note: Early detection or Late or in between, determines how wide the response can be, from adjacent regions to just the patrolling units.]

Forces: 5x Me109 2x He111 1xJu88 v Spitfires and Hurricanes.

[Player Note: Combat is conducted in a few stages. First Hunters; Germans attack the inbound fighter squadrons facing them, excess are allowed to peel off and go directly against the Bombers, once a one to one match up is achieved. Once the Hunter phse is done, remaining units join with any who passed onto the Bombers to fight the Bomber Squadrons and any Close support craft. Combat is dead simple. Total ALL combat values, find that on a table, then roll a die. That die moves the result along to rows until we hit the 1d6 #. This is both sides result]

Losses Note:

E=..you guessed it.

H=Pop in Damage box (+/0 indicates type that each counter has one or the other designation)

L= usually flips bombers but they pass onto attack, fighters end up in Rest Box.

N= in essence return to base fatigued.

Hunter Round: +H/oL/N

Spitfires pass thru and crank on the 5 Gruppen! Many are damaged.

+6 hours.


Beachyhead. Intel Status:Late/Poor, Force estimate: Minor Raid

2×109’s, 1x Ju87’s

A minor raid on the Radar install. Aircraft are late to scramble and have poor intel

Battle details:

Hunter: L/L

Bomber +N/oH  +L/oN

[Player note – Bombers that make it thru, the fighter attacks total up combat points and  rolls a 1d6 to see what damage they do to the facility attacked.]

+10 Hours.



Allies have 7 Fatigue (Fat.) In rest box and 1 in Damaged Box.

Axis have 2 Fat. Rest Box (r. Box). 4 Damaged and 1 Eliminated.


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