The Emperor Returns

The Emperor Returns

This is the 1986 Clash of Arms game of the 1815 Waterloo Campaign. 

VASSAL module by JokerRulez

Mark Acres will play the Coalition forces of the Anglo-Allies under Britain and the Prussians.

John Gant will play the French forces under Emperor Napoleon.

The game has one scenario, the campaign game, that depicts the entire campaign.

Here is the box cover:


The Game Components

This image was taken off of BGG and depicts the physical game setup and in action. 

Three army organizational displays (AOD) are provided: one each for French, Anglo-Allied, and Prussian forces.


This title launched the series now well known for operational Napoleonic warfare: Campaigns of Napoleon. 

This entry has single days for turns and little of the chrome added through titles over the years.

Supply is handled rather simply with a supply center, a “dispatch” distance, and attrition die rolls for units each turn. 

Movement is broken in to two parts for each side:

The phasing player moves, then the non-phasing player may attempt to “Forced March” that is a sort of a reaction movement.

Once all movement attempts are complete combat is resolved, then the sides switch. Upon completion of the 2nd side’s movement and resulting combat the turn ends and one day of time has passed. 

Here is a look at the counter sheet:


Force Disposition

This is an offensive campaign with France invading Belgium and pushing towards the Coalition forces. 

Most of the French Corps are on the map at the start but Napoleon and his Guard arrive as a Reinforcement after a few days.

Wellington and the Anglo-Allied forces are located in and around Brussels.

Blucher and the Prussian forces are concentrated along the river up to and around Namur.



One key to the Campaigns of Napoleon series is the hidden movement. 

Only the leaders of forces are on the map board and the name of the leader is hidden. Rather, the flag of the nationality is displayed until one side’s forces are in the Zone of Control (ZoC) of the other. 

In this entry in the series Dummy units are also provided. Many for the French, and a few for the Prussians after war has commenced.

This allows for deception on a grand scale. This entry in the series has not yet introduced Vedettes units, small recon forces of cavalry.

This keeps the complexity level low but also removes an important feature in the series.

These are available in the VASSAL module for use, but Mark and I will not do so for this run. 

Here is a sample shot of Wellington leaving Brussels that has no relation to actual game play in this session:

More tomorrow



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