Wargame Table: Acrylic has arrived!

Optix, by Plaskolite, No Glare – Heavy Matte Finish

My sheet of non-glare acrylic came in the other day. So here’s the update as promised; the only thing not delivered if the review of the vinyl with pictures – sorry! If someone REALLY wants to see the vinyl just comment or contact me and I’ll post those up. Anyways, onto the pictures as they really show it off fairly well. I think you’ll notice that the non-glare plexi has a somewhat matte finish on the top, so at first glance the clarity is not as crisp as normal acrylic. This is more noticeable when there is nothing underneath – check it out below (I purposely opened the window to try and create as much glare as possible):

Some close-up shots:

As you can see, it almost appears “hazy” when looking from an angle. Now the pictures show it a bit more so than in person, but it does have that appearance. Let’s get something under there!

Light from two sources; outside and my room lighting.

And now to swap out the section of non-glare for my smaller standard acrylic sheet. I should note that my newer sheets are 1/8″ and my old piece is .093″ – so a bit thinner.

As you’ll see in the next photo because the sheet is smaller, it doesn’t grab all the light as compared to the first shot of the non-glare. So I took this one to show how much it does pick up.

And there we are! Hopefully that gives you a better idea of non-glare vs. regular. As to what I think? Well, at the price that I was able to get the 4’x8′ sheet of non-glare 1/8″ I’m quite happy. However, if I had paid full retail, I don’t think I would be so happy as there is still some soft/diffused glare. It definitely is not as sharp or defined, but then again the clarity of the non-glare is not as clear as regular acrylic. Again, I got the non-glare for about 40-50% of retail. Wholesale pricing, I paid about 20% more over regular acrylic. My recommendation, skip Home Depot or a specialized acrylic dealer and contact a sign shop; see if you can’t get an order in with one of their regular shipments/orders.

Hope that helps!

– Jonathan


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