Wargame Table: Complete sans Plexi

Got her finished today. I’ll keep the post minimal and just get some pics up here. I realize now at the time of posting I did not get some vinyl pictures as promised, so that will have to wait for a future post. I’ll possibly do that once I get my sheet of plexi.

The felt was a two person job, both for controlling overspray with the 3M Spray Adhesive, and also with smoothing the felt out.

Here is the felt secured and me starting on the trim:

Used the 2×4 to hold the trim in place while I used my brad nailer to secure it. I had wrapped about 1/4″ of the felt down the side to secure it as well, and hopefully prevent any felt from pulling up. It worked great on THREE sides, however on the far left side the trim board is a bit out of whack due to the felt hanging down. The trim piece in questions is canted away from the table, but hey I’m sure no one would notice if I hadn’t mentioned it!

Here’s some completed shots:

Those small holes from the brad nailer I’ll go back and fill in with some wood putty, however I’m currently sitting down for some lunch as I type this up! I also only had one nail veer up into the table/felt, on the very first piece of trim. Again, not noticeable and not worth taking out.

And finally, here are some shots with some games on it:

LnL: Heroes of the Gap

TCS: Leros

TCS: Leros

That’s all for today. Next post will be once I receive my sheet of plexi.

– Jonathan


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