Wargame Table: Project Update

Project update… well after many evenings of trying to get the vinyl to work I’ve finally given up on it. It was a great idea, and one that I had seen some people recommend over at BoardGameGeek.com. However, it really just isn’t for me. I realize I’m too picky when it comes to how flat things are, and having played many a game under plexi I was more inclined to play WITHOUT the vinyl rather than with it. It would especially near the edge have these small waves to it, and did not flatten the map as I had hoped. Oh well! We’ll use it around the house for something else.

After a discussion with Kev, I think I’m going to instead get four pieces of 2’x4′ plexi, to cover the table. Kev’s reasoning was that the smaller pieces would aid in not only map placement, but moving them around, as a 4’x8′ sheet would be quite unwieldy. Got a friend in the sign business who I’m going to call tomorrow, otherwise I suppose I’ll pay Home Depot a visit.

Onto some shots of the table. Since my last post I’ve added some 1×4’s on the edges of table, and got some stain on the table as well as the trim. Trim came first and I had enough stain left over to get some on the underside of the table. As you can see if you look closely, there are some mis-measured boards and gaps but hey I have never claimed to be a wood-worker AND it’s the underside of the table.

Shots prior to stain:

Stain in question – an old can that I had laying around the garage from building my Keezer:

And the results – I’m pretty happy with it. The trim came out great, and the underside will work well enough for me. The pictures don’t really do the stain justice, as they look quite dark, probably the lighting (as you can tell, I’m not a professional photographer either! Heh).

Next step in the project is to secure the felt, trim it, then trim it out. That slap the plexi on top and call it good!


3 thoughts on “Wargame Table: Project Update

  1. Looking good. I’ve heard of people using vinyl for such things in the past, but not sure what the supposed advantage is over plexiglass (other than storage/portability).

  2. Once I get the felt on there, I’ll roll the vinyl out and show the issues I had with it. Just for the sake of discussion.

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