Exploitation: To Fight Another Day

A truly spartan US force with unique setup is left to fend for itself AND get off the board in tact.

East German Goals

East German Goals

The Scn says to exit off of the wrong side of the map as far as we could determine. So we made a judgement call by rolling a die!

The US can ambush German units by placing units on the board, and foc Company must get 3-4 units off to earn at least a draw.

 Two forces two separate goals, but BOTH must be achieved for the win.

The wily US player has Foc Co. Ready to bail and looking for easy shots. Their Bradley fighting vehicles are long range death machines.

Off the Bat they pop a EG unit headed to the board edge.

US goes all in with the reinforcements building up near Fox. The Germans hug treeline and cover. One platoon of EG tanks falls prey to the deadly Bradley units.

Very lucky rolls cover the EG from too many losses, while the US ping away, relentlessly. They have reduced units at start so any hits really hurt.

The other German force moves un opposed but awaits a trap from the US at any moment! They too have a surprise for the US coming however!

Turn Sequence Turn 1:

Turn 2: HE hits and Air comes in Turn 3!

The East Germans spring their trap! Wheeling to the LEFT they race to the hill.


While forces race to exit off the far edge, rolling for Command along the way due to range form the HQ, the rest of the EG move to a nearby hill and pile up to provide Overwatch to the elements of the breakout 53rd.

With long range tank fire and Saggers pouring on the heat the M1’s and Bradleys pop one after the other. Only the dual activation offer any respite for the US forces.  Fox and Co fail some key Disrupt recovery rolls. The fighting withdrawal is now turning into a stalled retreat. The advent of enemies on the rise strikes fear into the hearts of the normally stoic US forces.

Lucky back to back chit pulls allow the EG to pound on the US.

Losses mount

auf wiedersehen Bitches!

The US forces close assault?  Not sure why but its not going to end well.

This is how we roll……………………….in response.


The US staggers. Vehicles burn.  The US player agrees that it would be gamey to go for the draw and elects to keep a enough fox units on the map to fight on. Otherwise based on VC conditions they can withdraw turn 1 or 2 and it is automatically a draw!? Weird.  I think a condition nees to be that they Fox Element must stay on the board until T3 or 4?
The A10, does a great job, but the hits could have been used on a bigger stack. The EG HQ comes back next turn reduced, and the A10 is finished for the game!!

Turn 5 situation::::::

A view from the now aptly named Hill of Death Dealing, Spotters struggle to see thru the oily wreckage smoke!

US concedes, and agrees that the victory conditions do not go high enough to demonstrate the awesomeness of  the EG players win……. :)…awww shucks


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