353 B.C. Coronea, Rise of Macedon.

The Phocian ambush of Phillips forces was not something you saw or perhaps that we read about everyday. Most armies fight set piece battles in this era. At least that is what we read about. So playing this out shall be interesting…we hope!

Phillips men were draw into the battle and then pursued their enemy up a slight rise. Rise steep enough to expose the weakness of the new formations.

As the Phalanx became disordered moving up the hill, Oxybeles were used on the closed ranks. Much carnage ensued.

Our replay ended a little differently. Although they managed weapons certainly had a strong effect, enough that Phillip in the early part of the battle orders the Hypasists to cover the RW flanks and allow some of the PH (Phalanx) to retire to lick their wounds.

Nicanor, ever the stalwart advances with the Hypasists and he and Philotas (with Heavy Cavalry) enter the slope and extend the line to attempt to flank and attack the Oxybeles.

On the Left the Phocians advance their skirmish line. The units under Cleander  push them back and engage the Mercenary forces of Light Infantry on the slopes. The quick close under pressure routs 2 of the Phocian formations.

Phayllus seeing his initial surprise diminish advances the entire Left and puts units in the trees to block Philotas’s flanking move.

P=14 RP M=0

Phillip elects to use his Hypasists to push forward and drive back the encroaching Light Infantry. the armor advantage and heavier swords rout one unit. Onomarchus moves up further, and re orders his lines on the left. Phillips men and Light Cavalry press the enemy and begin to flank the Phocians on the Left.

Nicanor  trades blows and comes off worse for wear leaving Phillip and his Cavalry to sort the mess out, they back  off the attack. the Argos Hoplites are in no mind to pursue.

Seeing an opportunity Antipater attacks aggressively with the Phalanx formations on the Right Wing. The two sides trade blows. Phayllus  makes four attacks as a follow on and that is when disaster strikes. The Phocian Hoplites breakdown against the now reformed Phalanxes.

Phillip now trumps and moves his Heavy Cavalry in to chase down the Phocian Left. While Nicanor makes flanking attacks upon the hard pressed Phocian Hoplites.

One Heavy Cavalry unit destroys the Oxybeles unit.

On the Left Wing the Light Cavalry are now in the rear of the Phocians and they focus upon the deadly Oxybeles.

The Rout Point Tally has sky rocketed for the Phocians. Despite the Peltasts (LP) in the woods, the Heavy Cavalry and Hypasist have made a gashing hole in the Phocian left.

Phillip claims victory in this campaign battle.


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