Variable Combat System

Just a quick note, to remind those wargamers that care about the Variable Combat System that has its roots in PanzerGruppe Guderian… Yes that far back, that AWESOME… the deadline approaches for Punt or Publish.
Unfortunately, despite Nathans best efforts, the game still needs more orders!

96 to be exact.

If you are like me and you have played Operation Typhoon, PGG, Iron Tide, Panzers in the Ardennes, you know then that this is a system that has smart mechanics, tense play and a satisfy afterglow of wargame goodness. With Nathans revisions and dedication the system is tighter than half starved cat pouncing on rat!

Lots of nice touches through out the game specifics give a wonderful thematic experience and allow for both sides to adjust to the historical realities and assess might might have been. Amphibious landings are handled elegantly, airborne missions and procedures are straight forward, and sometimes deadly.

Landing Depots take on significance for supply so protect them at your peril. While air supply is possible it is not a panacea for poor land and sea based supply fowl ups. Speaking of ships Naval Gun Fire of course factors in here, and combat has some special rules to reflect the scenario at hand.

The Transit track is likely the one item you have the most questions about!

It is a smart way to manage map size and movement between map segments fractured by crazy terrain. The track represents 20-40 miles of terrain and both friendly and enemy units may occupy the same space on the track. Yes there are a few special rules here to manage all of this.  Once again, tho tight language and clarity reign here. The rules take up just 4 rule bullet points of a few sentences.

Looking at charts and tables the map holds most of everything you need to know. The CRT is brutal, as most VCS cousins are. So DRM bonuses, good odds and support are key. In fact German support missions are a function of the remains that are not captured by the Allies. The more land they capture and guns they capture the less support mission flexibility you will have as the Germans.

If you have not pre ordered & you want to see the game published AND see the two amazing titles that come next…well now is the time to click the button and put the order in people.

This link takes you to the order page and more information. Just $31.50 cents buys a lot of game.

Nicolas Eskubi has done all the art work and Nick Richardson is on the deck as Developer. With OCS Sicily OOP, and this game bringing as much innovation as it does we should all have it in hand by now!

Lets get this one over the line if possible! I think there is a great game here from my limited touch on VASSAL. I want to play this game with the bits in my hand! Only you can make that happen for me now!

Over to you!

UPDATE: the cut off is May 1st. 2013


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