Another detailed and thorough review from Boardgames in Blighty. This Columbia game appears to have some nice meat on the bones!
As you know I was recently bemoaning the lack of depth and theme. Columbia appear to be doing it right here! Bravo. Napoleonics is notorious in the hex and counter world for being long on rules and complexity for a sometimes poor representation of the era and only fair to middling theme. If this review is solid like most others are here, then we got a winner!

Boardgames in Blighty


Review – Borodino 1812 from Columbia Games

Design – Tom Dalgliesh, Carl Wilner

Here’s one for you war gamers, especially if you are into Napoleonics. The latest release from Columbia Games who were kind enough to send me a copy to review.

From Boardgamegeek

Borodino was fought between the Army of Imperial Russia and Napoleon’s Grand Armee on September 7 1812. The battle ended with a French victory, but strategic defeat. Losses were terrible on both sides, but the Russians could replace theirs. One week after the battle Napoleon occupied an undefended Moscow, hoping to impose a peace, but after four weeks was forced to retreat home with calamitous results.

The historical battle involved wave after wave of frontal attacks by both sides, focusing on the Russian redoubts. However, the game will show all the options available to Napoleon and Kutuzov, including some not attempted historically. The French player…

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