14th May TBL_2

  • The Germans place 14 SP after winning initiative on the 14th of May.
  • 9th and SS:V are DG. What to do? This aggressive play by the Germans ending up too close to the Antwerp based and Allied Arty has stalled the offense.
  • In the Ardennes the German 29th Motorized is surrounded at Sedan! The 6th Pzr is DGd near Fumey by the French. The allies have run amok for their turn on the 12th and it will take some doing to sort thru the excessive confidence of the Germans.
  • The Germans ponder then start moving. The 4th clear up near the canal in Aarschot in the North. 1st Panzer clears away the rest of French 4th Cav near Marche e Famenne in the Ardennes. Secondary attacks kill 2 steps and retreat the rest into the woods. With the supply road now open the Germans drive SP thru further West into the woods for 6th, 10th and 7th Panzer.
  • Clearly no lessons were learned from last turn; in a further overzealous move the Germans start moving 22nd and 7th FJ forces from Holland in anticipation of the surrender of the Dutch this turn. They have plans for the 22nd and 7th it appears.
  • Supply is however still blocked by 1-N Dutch forces in the North. 1 step is lost due to attrition for the Germans. The combat phase shows several attacks going horribly wrong. The dice are in league with the Allies for this turn.

  • 2 Bns are lost for nominal gains, the crossing at the Sedan is under major threat. The Belgian/Dutch region is a almost a disaster, with the Dutch forces blocking key lines of supply and rebuilding their lines.
  • In the Reserve/Exploitation phase the 8th Panzer stabilize the situation in and around Sedan. This is fast turning out to be a very different experience for both sides.
  • Allied Turn
  • The Dutch soldier on, inserting forces to block, road and rail. Belgians soften up their defense of Liege and try building dual lines stretching back to Brussels and along the River. The Germans were not able to cutoff Liege in the first 2 turns.
  • The French pull the 1st Mechanized out of Antwerp to enable it to be used as a mobile defense and reinforce the defense of Brussels.
  • The French place many of the major formations into Reserve mode along with Arty units. The rest of the French and BEF move to build deeper lines and pound any units in range with Arty in the South. The 4th Cav winks out of existence during the supply phase. 3rd Motorized is being wasted plugging holes in the line. The French have solid success DGing several stacks of German forces. Another solid turn.

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