12th May TBL_2 Anglo French Turn

  • Anglo-French turn :
  • The 14 SP are allocated and BEF take replacements. The Allies survey the carnage, shrug resignedly and get to work.
  • Near Antwerp the arty DG’s and kills an SS:V arty.
  • The entire SS:V is DG’d by arty fire! 9th Panzer is also Dg’d by arty fire! It is noteworthy that in order to Overrun you need stacks. Stacks in range of Arty are just a bad thing in this game.
  • Being too close to the front is a pain in the rear…There is a jokein there somewhere. It is however difficult not to be up close when over runs are happening and the follow thru is not driving you deeper. This leaves the Allies with huge opportunities to barrage away your next turns plans!
  • The BEF 12th L and Belgian Infantry Division attack the 616 SS:V unit and lose a step.
  • In the South aggressive play sees the N.A. Inf Division and 6 steps attack the Germans astride the Sedan crossing. Not much joy there.
  • As the Netherlands are completely OOS, they eat from the map. Forces scramble to get back into trace around Amsterdam, and run a risky attack, that showed 43% chance of losses for the attacker and 49% for the defender, Ao1 Do1 is the result, not bad!


  • The Dutch roll 3(2+1) for surrender, not enough to force a surrender! The Kil and SPvi die defending Rotterdam in an attack to displace the arty adjacent to the city. The Dutch jam up rail and trace lines effectively. A superb opening turn for the Allies.

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