June-July 1941 Vento Nuovo Style

At precisely 0345, across 1,200 KM of territory, shells hurtled thru the sky, men advanced from secret positions and tanks rumble to life.

Operation Barbarossa was under way.

FHQ monitored activity and saw that early reports were promising.

Army Group North, South and Center had their orders. Now it was time to execute.

In the far North revenge filled the Finns. Payback would be hell the soldiers thought; they would reclaim their lands and teach the Soviets a lesson. They advanced quickly upon Leningrad, sweeping all opposition in their path.

East of Konisburg, Soviet fighters were slow to get off the ground, and died taking off. AA shot a few planes down but not enough to stop Jerichos Trumpeters sounding across the battle field. Leveraging their speed and superior communications the Panzers attacked first. Clearing the way for Konisberg to be captured ahead of schedule (Panzer attack Adv Rule), Pressing on the Panzers Blitz attack past the town. With the battle hexes cleared the exploitation begins.

The same happens across the front in Kaunas, Grodino, deep in the Pripyat Marshes and across the Dnieper River.

Stalin is stunned. No one hears from him. Orders are mixed, the reaction messy. Production is ramped up with new shifts added to the armor factories that are already churning out volumes of T-34s. Replacements stream to the front. New lines are drawn at Rivers like the Bug in the South and Dvina in the North. Orders go out for more air factories and armor factories.

By July the Axis HQ’s have advanced into the western part of Russia. Kiev and Minsk fall and the Finns are at the gates of Leningrad. AGC swings northwards, its new objective Smolensk.

Only in the South is there a semblance of fight in the Soviet army who staunchly hold the Bug River. Several generals are lost in battle as BLR HQ is destroyed. With Kiev fallen Panzers turn their attention Northwards in a grand Pincer attempt along the Desna river, to crush the strong line from Vitbesk south along the Dniepr river, with as much haste as possible. AGS and AGC will meet soon!

But the Soviets have recovered from the early shock and now abandon trapped forces and order them to stand and die!

Massive replacements stream to the front. New armies are formed and thrust into the breaches. Bombers attack lead Panzer elements at great cost to slow the Axis advance.

A new line is formed. Stabilized, the Soviets brace for the next phase.


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