News Flash: Phantom Fury Fan Mod/Variant

Recently Christopher O (Kozure) on BGG :


a fine young Canadian developed a Nuts Publishing endorsed Phantom Fury expansion.

The goal is to have a scenario generator with several maps and variable terrain. Chris uses the same style of map and adheres to the Phantom Fury rule book, but adds several new terrain features and combat / fire types to deal with the vagaries of fighting in Afghanistan.


This map here is Strike of the Sword.

The expansion comes with 11 pages of rules that detail mission objectives. Yes this is more than just Sweep and Clear the blocks. We are tasked with either Show of Force mission where straight up elimination is required. Destroying the weapons cache requires not explanation nor does Manhunt.


Then there is a search and seizure scenario and finally Target capture of a Person of Interest. Chris creates a range of options to increase variability in the game a nice enhancement over the original title. This is achieved by adding draw pools, variance on insertion, and resistance levels.


Today it is a print and play, lets hope that we can see something happen between Nuts and Chris to bring out a professional version!

You can find details here:

Thanks to Christopher Peirs who messaged me on Google + to let me know about this. I am now trying to work out WHEN I can get this printed and to the table!


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