Mapping Mondays Answer

SPI title



Doneau Front, Part of the CEntral Front Series

From SPI 1989

The Central Front series of games includes “Donau Front”, “North German Plain”, “BAOR”, “Fifth Corps”, and “Hof Gap”. Maps (all in 1:500,000 scale!) from all of the games may be linked and rules exist for a full Campaign game. The games are designed to depict hypothetical Warsaw Pact versus NATO conflict during the first five days of a future war. Four of the five games were published in Strategy & Tactics magazine (Hof Gap was released as a boxed game).


Pop a comment if these a enjoyable.  It is a lot of work to pull them together. It was cute at first but like many things it soon becomes work, that eats into Gaming, video creation and AARs.



2 thoughts on “Mapping Mondays Answer

  1. I like them but if it is a pain you might just not do them so often. I often see the answer before the question too.

    I have at least one of these somewhere from when it came out, but I forget what the red dots and black diamonds are for. Do you know offhand what they are?

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