Timeline Tuesday

From www.onwar.com an occasional look at what was happening in all theatres on this day:
The Winter War… The Soviet 44th Division is destroyed in the Karelian Isthmus. Details of the Finnish victory over the two Soviet divisions at Suomussalmi released by Finland’s General Staff show that the Soviet 44th Division was utterly annihilated while attempting to support the defeated 162nd Division. Finns claim to have captured 102 field guns, 43 tanks, over 300 vehicles and 1170 horses.

In Britain… Bacon, butter and sugar are put on the ration list and are only available in small quantities. Butter is limited to 4 ounces per week. Adults are allowed 12 ounces of sugar and 4 oz. of bacon or uncooked ham — less of cooked ham.

In the North Sea… A converted Wellington bomber fitted with an energized metal hoop to explode magnetic mines does its first successful trials.

In China… Japan claims to have killed 25,000 Chinese in battle north of Canton.

In Germany… A new army headquarters is reportedly established at Recklingshausen, 10 miles from the Dutch border.


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