Assault, Turn 10

With the obstacles having slowed or stopped the Soviet advance all along the line, both sides start trading shots in an effort to gain a tactical advantage at some point. Down on the southern end of the line, some of the remaining Soviet motorized infantry battalion manage to push the defending German C-5 company into “broken” status, forcing the Germans to move as far as possible to the rear. However, when David tries to take advantage of the retreat his pursuit forces stumble into a hidden minefield, losing 3 steps. During turn 11 in the center, David is able to sneak a BRDM AT-5 into position that finally kills one step of the pesky Leopard 2 platoon holding the center of the NATO line. The BRDM pays the price for the missile smoke trails though, with return fire knocking out both steps.

End of NATO T10:

Soviet T11 1MP:

Soviet T11 Fire Phase:


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