Anzio : Operation Shingle

An introduction for Anzio: Operation Shingle. Set in 1944, this landing was to break the deadlock of Cassino. This game has intrigued me for a while. In particular the combat resolution system. Does not look solo friendly, but looks like a well thought out approach to the operation and the unique historical elements surrounding this piece of history dealing with the Anzio landing..

Regiment brigade level with 60 odd counters for combat and a 100 information counters.

Game ships about the 21st of December.

2 thoughts on “Anzio : Operation Shingle

  1. You might be able to work around the intensity factor for one side by picking the actual value from a preselected set after choosing the phasing player’s value. Say you figure it ought to be medium intensity. throw three medium chits, one light and one high intensity into a cup and pick one.

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