A Convoy From Hell

So I took the time to play Convoy from Hell a free scenario in the month of October from Lock’n Load Publishing.
It is a user designed or player designed look at Soviets v Afghan forces or Mujhadeen from the real world 80’s conflict.
Hence it has no affiliation with any LNLP or Mark Walker fictional Alternate Realities.

Those fans know that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan never happened in that universe. The Soviets had big fish to fry.

For me this is one the wonderful attractions of the LNL series and the WaW series for that matter.

We can take forces from the 80’s time periods and other eras and re use them in meaningful ways. With geo morphic map boards that span nearly every terrain type we have a multitude of engagements that can be re fought, reexamined and experienced.

I had a friend make these counters for me for the extra trucks and Muj elements which were provided free in the download. NICE! Thanks Jeff.

Cool stuff.

Well in any case here is  a taste of the Scenario. I am working up a video for it with some fun edits.



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