Blood On The Alma Part Two

Turn 4

French Arty fire at and miss the Cossacks. French minie units from the Marines open fire and inflict enough damage to kill yet more hapless Russians, the Russian Musket unit dies.

The Russian Arty fires over the Alma River, inflicting heavy losses on the advancing British.

The British summon their courage and march forward, and also blast away with their own weapons, to little effect.

Turn 5

The Liege forces move forward along the rocky slopes.

Minie fire Panics the Cossacks and forces them to take another loss. The Lege attack and kill the 14th Musket.

Russians kill off one of the British Foot units.

The British activate and finally have a chance to fire their own minie guns…..2 misses result.  Other fires do however kill one Arty unit, this sets of a chain reaction of Panic results.  Niiice!

However in the Morale phase of that turn the Russians recover morale nicely ( Morale 7)

Turn 6

End of 5

Liege formation press home the attack, reduce another musket unit and advance across the ridge and take the blue VP location. The Great Batteries blast away, rolling awfully thank goodness as forces are massed in the river and on the slopes.

The 3rd Foot however loses a unit, the Light suffer no losses, and the 2nd Foot escapes the cannonade as well!

The Brits move up. Both Cambridge chits have been drawn so the feisty Guards and Highlanders have a chance of appearing…… But not this turn.

3rd/4th and 2nd however end up moving. The 2nd is reduced by heavy fire from the Lesser Redoubt.

In the combat phase the Russians fight and lose. Panic spreads and this time the roll is bad so they fail.

In turn 7 the French Marines open fire and volley after volley rip the Russians apart. Panic spreads on the Russian Left now too. Even the vaunted Jaegars Panic.  Arty breaks down 1 step on the Great Batteries. The Russian Arty that is not panicking fires. The 4th Foot is hit, but now there are so many targets there is little hope for the Russians.

1st Guard moves up and fires a huge minie round into the Russian Arty, in hex 1807 destroying it.

This pops the Russians over their limit for morale just as the rest of the British are about to move.

We call the game there.

Very thematic. Enjoyable stuff! I also like how diverse the first two LOF magazine games have been! WWIII area movement to Crimean War!


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