ANGOLA Play 4 & 5

If I said that today was fun I would be lying.
It was more than fun. It was gripping narrative, dynamic game play, great personal interaction, hilarious moments, aha moments, depths of despair and heights of glory.
Yes it was the people (Despite Bill ….sorry had to do it)
Yes it was the fact that 8 of us were playing 2 copies of the same game, Peter, Cisco, Cole, James, Peter, Brady and I…..and Major Bill.
Yes, yes, yes…..It was however largely due to the fact that this game provides an enormous amount of interaction, decision points, team play, open negotiation, strategy of approach, and long range management of a wide array of factors, that you have little control over and uncertain influence.
You for sure do not want to be winning by too much unless you are sure you can secure the auto victory…..if you do you open the door to massive Foreign aid…..nor too little as the game may escape your alliances chances to win.
Inline image 1

So thanks to every one who played today especially the new guys putting up with the ribbing, and our poor explanations.

So there it is…… a huge day of entertaining and thought provoking gaming and fun.  Thanks to every one for sharing their time with me.

Inline image 1

Getting started.

Inline image 2

Map 2

Inline image 3

Deep in it Map 1.


More details to come.


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