HitC, Line of Fire 13 part5

Once on board, and plugged into the battlenet Puddy took point and reminded Carlson the rear Tank commander to drive thru trouble not stop in it. A quick round of ribbing relieved the tension that had quietly been building up since yesterdays firefight.  Once again into the fray his small force was being sent to rescue some grunts from this fluid and dynamic urban war.  Puddy admonished his colleagues, “I don’t care what engage orders are it moves you paste it, I’ll be top side, keep an eye out for Soviet tanks, do not let them get in my rear”.

As they rolled towards Boones men, Puddy queried Boone on where he wanted them.  The situation sounded chaotic, he assured Boone he would neutralize the PKM site and anything else not wearing US dessert camo.


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