In Da House!!

This pile of goodness arrived today. Well infact it arrived while I was on vacation.
So I had to toddle off to the Post Office.
I had no idea these games combined weighed so much!
I am particularly excited about DAK2. Those that have played please chime in on your favorite scenarios.
I may bump CB/GBII play to try that first.

The Burma, Korea, Baltic Gap Tunisia and CB will all go up for sale at some point. Each is UP, and boxes are in very good condition. This was one of those snap purchases. So I am glad the condition was good and the delivery did not damage anything.

GBII and TBL will also go on the block, TBL and GBII have about 50 counters a piece punched.

I’m really excited to see the game play of Sicily and DAK. !!!!


2 thoughts on “In Da House!!

  1. Definitely try out DAK2, and post some videos. It’s sitting on the shelf at my wargame club, and I’m sorely tempted to try it out. Maybe I can get some of the others interested in playing if I can direct them to some DAR videos, eh? Eh???

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