TBL 20th of May 1940

20th of May

German Supply 20/ Allies 10. Weather clear.

6 units lost in breakout attempt in Truiden. But the carnage does not end there.

In the North  Arty fires target the SS, in an effort to dampen their movement and combat abilities. The French trapped in Antwerp pound German forces South of town, seeking an avenue of escape. The Germans feel time pressure mounting as their goals remain within in sight but out of reach in the North and the South will not budge.  The French deepen their line which is still just 6 hexes west of the Meuse.

The Ports lay almost bare just a single days hard drive away from the now thin line the Germans have cut through Western Belgium.

In the South 2nd Pzr, 5th Pzr Armoured car Bns sacrifice  themselves for the glory of the Reich, in a combat that had just a 19% chance of a DL1 and a 60% chance of victory. The Dice Gods were no longer smiling upon the German Player.

Below the Germans attack aggressively and create another hole in another line!

They have however lost their rhythm of overrun, attack, reserve move due to the incessant barrages. The French must respond quickly to this new threat.  In the mean time the Germans worry about the distance to be covered to PAris, to their colleagues in the North and back to their supply lines

The French Rally and try to wrap the Wehrmacht in blue.

A renewed push by the Germans to broaden their crossing near Sedan. But they were hampered by the growing masses of large French Divisions of foot soldiers who had hastily plodded to the new front.  The French Officers arranged their men in deep lines and where possible manned the Ardenne Canal in preparation for a fight to the death on French soil again.  The French Arty takes it toll, disorganizing the  Germans. They try to tighten the pocket!

The Belgians in Liege continued to hold, their minds set on protecting their town from the invaders regardless the cost.  The BEF plan a counter attack on the Germans but are appalled at the likely losses. A 76 % chance of losing steps! With little chance of inflicting losses.

The BEF and French retreat towards Gent-Ath line. Some BEF forces start to inch southwards in reaction to the penetration around Boom south of Antewerp. While yet more French move forward to shore up Namur the supply corridor to Liege. The Belgians faced with certain death elect to live another day and not attack but wait for the Germans to try and storm their city. The supply situation is grim but several days’ supply are on hand for all of the forces situated there.

German forces attempting to push past Boom south of Antwerp have good success and Supply and long range HQs race forward.  SS:V & T, 9th , 4th, 3rd Pzr and 20th Mot. Pass thru the Antwerp Brussel gap opened on the 18th.


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