To Embark Upon the Great Crusade 12

The two marks (Mark and Marc), continue their chronological newsreel AAR series thru the sands of time  with Combat Commander as the metaphor of their exploration of squad level combat in WWII.

Mamayev Kurgan Reports and Updates, 27 September 1942

Soviet Units Give Way.

Comrade General, it is my unfortunate duty to report that following our stalled advance against the Nazi forces, the Germans have responded with a mighty push that has overwhelmed our troops.

You see the situation as the Germans have set themselves to attack in our shallow ravine again:

We had prepared sufficient defensive works and set forward units in the gullies to intercept German movement. These men fought bravely and must be posthumously honored. However, they were not able to hold as the Germans proceeded through the gullies and brought the bulk of their forces across the deflation and into our right and rear. Key objectives became all the more important but our troops were unable to hold back the gray flood.

Please see below the disposition of forces at the end of this engagement. We can only apologize and rededicate our efforts to holding the Germans at bay as they approach the key areas of our city.

– Respectfully submitted, Comrade Soldier Melekhov, Command Platoon Leader.

German Drive is Halted by the Motherland’s Brave Men

Comrade General, I am please to report that although the Germans have driven hard to the very limits of our positions in the city, our forces have held their advance and repelled them. See the cowardly Huns arrayed against our vastly superior defensive works and positions. Our area was more than adequately covered by wire and prepared mines. Our units were in positions well-placed to hinder the enemy’s advance. See our preparations here:

Clearly the Nazi forces have no backbone as they made a most meager effort to inflict harm upon our forces. The Germans had a few units which were able to make our flank but it was all part of our plan to destroy them. The rest were helpless against our artillery and elevated fire positions and despite their continuous fire, our troops held firm against the enemy. I am please to report, Comrade General, that the Germans have been stopped here and this will allow us to push back, driving them back out of our glorious city. Here is the final position of the units in this battle:

– Respectfully submitted, Comrade Melekhov, Command Platoon Leader

Game Notes
These were battles 3 and 4 of Scenario 45, the campaign game from Combat Commander: Battle Pack #2 – Stalingrad.

Battle 3
This was one of the closest games of the Combat Commander Series that we’ve ever played. The Germans had to fight for every inch. I had several units in the forward gully to slow them down. All of the objectives were worth 2 which made things tough as I didn’t really have a chance to take the far objective and the Germans, once they rushed through the gully, were able to take and hold Objective 5. They had lots of firepower and that is what was picking off my men. The German rush came and swept on down to my right. I really needed an Elan event and got one! But it wasn’t in time. The Germans won at Sudden Death 7 with 8 VPs.

Battle 4
This was just tough for the Germans because of the defensive fortifications. Both sides ended up with artillery and that went back and forth. But I spent most of the rest of my fortification points for the campaign on a gamble to block the Germans completely. Tons of wire and 7FP mines held them off. The gamble paid off as they had lots of firepower to pick at my units but lost a crucial melee in Objective 5 on the hill. They just couldn’t get it going and all of the objectives ended up being worth 5 each! That gave us a huge boost the Germans couldn’t topple. The Soviets won on Sudden Death 1t 7 with 25 VPs!

This brings out total game standing to: Allies-Axis, 11-16 and 2-2 for the Stalingrad Campaign. The Stalingrad Campaign scenario is a lot of fun and adds a great dimension to an already fabulous game.

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