0800 Report – Austerlitz

Refreshing your memories regarding the 0800 Turn for Austerlitz:

Allies know that the 4th 5th and Cav Corp are committed to the center.

III Corp comes on this turn (0800).

So far the voting tallies are:

68% in favor of staying with current overall attack plan versus a change to a defensive mode.

68% now believe that the Russkie IG should be activated. Which could then move to plug up the center OR attack (more on that once we get going)

But what Buxhowden should do is still up for grabs 35% of voters feel he should split off some forces to assist Kollowrath in Pratzen, and 41% feel he should finish his mission and prepare for the arrival of the III Corp from the French.

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So what happened @ 0800?

The Generals and adjuncts stepped back from the raging inferno. If it were a fire they surely would have been consumed. Instead it was the Tsar…..Roaring in a rage. Those that had business elsewhere sought it out. Those that were in direct eye contact were transfixed, including Franz II I and Prince Katusov. As the tirade ended, the young Emperor Alexander I crushed the fine glass in his hand and threw the stem at the wall. “I will pig stick that bastard Konstantin myself if my Guard is not on the road NOW!!!”.  No one spoke. No one moved.

“Your Kollowrath has lost Pratzen his men and mine, there are French cavalry all over the hills from Pratzen to the Heights if I believe this messenger…..” Fools, I should have left you to fight that little bastard alone” Franz II ignored the open insult, he knew it would pass and the uncivilized pig would soon return to Moscow. If only he could bear the stench of the man another day.

“Katusov ride with the Guard, move them, plug the gap, destroy this army. There is not that much Cavalry in all of France.” Growled Alexander in a gutteral tone.

“Your Imperial Highness I shall do just that, presently however the men must collect their gear, load supplies, load the artillery…” Alexander interceded. “GOOOOOOOO. NOW. With what you have.”

In Game: IG delay 5 on order acceptance

On the Austerlitz  battlefield 0800:

Somehow the bad news always travelled faster than the good news, even through this deadening fog that gripped the battlefield in its swirling greyness.

Messengers splattered with mud, blood and sweaty fear brought tidings from the center. The township of Pratzen had fallen, Russian and and Austrian alike were fleeing away from HQ, following the river, chased and stabbed all the while by Cuirassiers. Mildrovich’s men have no control and flee pell mell away from Pratzen.

Fragments of news suggest to the Tsar and Franz II that Kollowrath seeing the size of the forces arrayed against him had made a futile counter attack to try and gain an exit. The 2b-2c attacked the French Vandamme 2nd Brigade. Losses were terrible. With nowhere to retreat Kollowraths proud Austrians broke up and fled, their bloodied white uniforms  merging into the mist.

Meanwhile the old blow hard Buxhowden proceeded at a sodden pace, Solkowitz was still in French hands but Telnitz at least had fallen.  The artillery barrages kill scores and French are seen fleeing the site. The forces have been routed.

Fortunately Friant arrives with his Corp and proceeds to positions to support Solkonitz

The French issue new orders to the Imperial Guard, taking no chances Napoleon brings them forward in anticipation of Bagrations arrival.

Caffirelli aids Vandamme finishing off the enemy in Pratzen, while other forces about face and  await new orders, anticipating the arrival of the Russian Guard lines are formed and Artillery is placed above Pratzen proper.

The rest of the French Cavalry sit astride the Pratzen Heights awaiting orders to strike Telnitz or about face and crush the Russian Imperial Guard, should they ever arrive.

Details of the overall situations:

Right Flank:

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