The Blitzkrieg Legend (TBL) Setup Introduction

A Quick look at the forces and my thoughts on The Blitzkrieg Legend at the outset of play.

The force disposition of the French and Allies is not all bad. Key roads are defended in depth. Many units hide behind Canals and major Rivers, and we have fortifications. The problem, where ever the Germans apply maximum pressure the Allies will snap. So how many places can this happen? ……

A Lot of Places!

This image highlights part of the problem. The 10th and 4th Corps of the French are not strong and hinge on the weak end of the fortifications near Sedan (the historical break thru point).

Further North there is nothing between the BEF and the Dutch except bogs and roads…nothing. It is a highway.

Therefore is it reasonable to assume that the Allied player has two primary areas of concern? Should they let Holland fall and prepare for the worst?  More than likely.

The Germans as they expand have an ever widening arc of road network and rail they must control for supply. I see it in 3 primary waves.

Orange wave 1, Mandarin Wave 2 and Lime Green Wave or Phase 3. The circles represent key junctions that need to be held.

The French have a couple of lines they can defend at first glance.

The white crosses with red bases are the first post Meuse line, White markers the 2nd and the red markers the ‘final stand’ for what it is worth.

I have not studied the VC conditions terribly hard, but it seems that pulling back the Brits in one piece until an evacuation is called for is a decent plan, and using them carefully to soften up the Germans for the less robust French is likely an ok idea too. Defending the Meuse should be an all hands on deck thing I gather. Moving all those forces from the West is going to be a challenge, but a necessary one.


4 thoughts on “The Blitzkrieg Legend (TBL) Setup Introduction

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