Iron Tide Conclusion



Then a quick count of losses shows the players that the BEF forces are free to roam the Meuse now that 65 units have been lost.  This means avoiding the Muese release trigger is mute.  The Germans decide to push hard on Liege to try and gain exit VP’s or capture Liege. The GrossDeutschland and Lehr Divisions are transferred to the Northern command. A some what battered Infantry division is sent South to support the expected counter attack around Bastogne in exchange.


Combat by Pattons forces is forced at poor odds do to shifts and odds. Several attack are conducted on 1-1, and 1-2 odds, inflicting heavy losses upon the Allies in the South. In the North the Allies hold the line and force back offenses from the German SS. Lines are drawn across the river and neither side has the force to push a crossing. Further SE the line is steady also.  With the German side earning an auto shift on VC’s for units killed the  US realises it not only cannot win, but would likely at best give up more than a minor victory. The Germans can fold back to or past Bastogne and still earn a solid win.


No conclusions on this one. We all enjoyed it. It is a game I would gladly play again. It would also be suitable for up to 4 players, we had 3.



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