TBL, Certain Defeat or a new Elan?

So, what of those French. Modern historians have reviewed, re written and ratified what “really” happened.  Those French tanks were not really that shitty…It is not the exact phrase they used…but near enough.

The communications issues were not that pronounced.

The Germans not nearly half as clever and first thought. Though they did take what now appears to be a huge gamble on the Ardennes.

What should the French have done? Where could they have held the line? How could it have ended up differently?

If you ponder too long, something may impel you toward a task too large alone. Assuming a shocking Turn 1 and 2, where would those French forces really be?

Is it feasible to wonder that the white X’s with red bottoms would be the first stout line of defense? Or is that too far back, giving too much ground?

As time progresses, reinforcements arrive, and the line could stabilize around the pure white X’s. Like all assessments not doubt this would all go to hell at the outset of a game play, once turn 1 and 2 were done!

Assuming the worst where does France make its final stand? Is defense in depth an option for the French?  Could the British assist?

How will the Blitzkrieg Legend from MMP support all of this?  Will we be able to explore these questions and issues?!

In the North, a different tale awaits.

The Polder could be the friend of the Allied forces. The Polder will slow down the German player. As attacks must come from a road hex going thru the Polder.

In the North how does the Allied player defend against they expected Special Forces and Airborne attacks? How will supply be managed in this troubled area?

The VP track and earning mechanism mean that the Germans must either make Paris Surrender or isolate & capture Map A ports AND make Belgium and the Dutch Surrender to earn a Draw. 2 more VPS would pop the Germans up a Victory level and if the alternate history Campaign were played the Germans receive an automatic bump up one level in any case. Thus a 6VP achievement would give the Germans a Major Victory. But in the historical campaign the pressure is on the Germans to eradicate Belgium and the Dutch quickly and secure those ports. That is VP’s in the bag. However the BEF stand in the way and a French player who is determined and can bring ARty and or Armor in combat mode to the battle “could” make a difference.

Interestingly the capture of Metz and Verdun are worth a VP each, as is both Mauling and or Destroying the BEF. A minor victory requires 2 more VPs. It would seem that the French can protect Metz and Verdun due to its proximity to the board edge, supply and reinforcements.   It is however WAY east of where the primary action could take place if one were to play TBL.  This could mean that the French may have to support a pocket for a long time or forsake two VPs to protect another more valuable target.


6 thoughts on “TBL, Certain Defeat or a new Elan?

  1. I haven’t done a map study like yours, but your white X line looks like it surrenders the Maginot line to the Germans. If the VPs don’t punish that, they ought to. Letting the Germans take everything but Paris and the Channel Ports is hardly a war-winner.

    The Meuse line, even if the Germans don’t get a double turn, seems pretty far forward and given the Mobile Warfare problems of the Allies, liable to be broken through or turned. The other lines are in pretty light terrain and require a lot more ground be covered. And one hole where German armor can exploit – !

    • yes. No penalty for letting the Meuse fall. The win for the Allies is in holding the Ports. Holding Paris, avoiding the destruction or “mauling” of BEF and holding Verdun/Metz. There is little possibility that Belgium or the Nederlands can stand alone. Unless in an alt history version free set up perhaps?

      All of that might make for some negotiated peace I imagine. But it is nt a war winner that is for sure!

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