TBL Turn Tracker and special rules

Not too much overhead here, just 8 pages of light extras for period feel, specifics of the campaign and bits like that.

For instance, fortress hexes have a inherent AR rating (I keep calling them Efficiency ratings..duh) and combat strength, The evacuation of the BEF may happen at some point, so we have special Spitfire Patrol zones, and ferries.

Paras make their mark as do special forces actions for the Axis! Very cool. I put this together to help me track reinforcements, surrender of the Dutch, and Special Ops usage and the Pause Surge impact, along with the usual Supply, and turn records so I dont meander off into the sunset and forget who is doing what.

Download your own copy here: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B8Od2EJtWVrDVEVTTW1YamdhV2s/edit It is in xls format. Those that want PDF , let me know.


6 thoughts on “TBL Turn Tracker and special rules

  1. Since you note that the Germans have initiative in your chart, you should also note that the Allies have no player turn in Turn 1. In effect they have already moved once.

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