Pharsalus final stages

Turn 4.

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Pompeys Skirmimishers move to the center to attempt assistance. Lentulus moves and a conducts a couple of wholesale attacks with the Cretan conscript legions versus the VII. This was not a solid idea. One group inflict enough suffering to force back the VII, but the units adjacent break and rout, fleeing the field. 10Rout points!

Pompeys Cavalry draw up to charge the flank of Caesar. In the Center General Domitus and his men attack the Syrians and Macedonian A Legion, with a continuation and Pompey failing to intervene via Trump, Domitus inflicts heavy casualties across 7 attacks. Caesar orders elements of the X th forward to engage the forming lines of Cavalry. This invokes the 2 hex LOS rule! Panic ensues along the line and 12 Rps are distributed but thankfully for Pompey no forces flee! A good portion of the cavalry are now combat ineffective. This was a nice way to reflect the surprise, and Caesars use of it, pre empts the Popepiian forces.

Pompey 184 RPs, Caesar 42.

Turn 5

Picking up the action where it matters, Sulla moves and also takes a continuation, putting the hurt on, this combined with Antonius’s 8th and 10th Legions brutal assaults on the Celician and Cretan lines sees the RP tally soar to 121. The breach in the center is now big and spreading. Small pockets of Pompeys forces start to form, and trained killer fill the holes and start rolling flanks up.

Caesar Trumps and attacks with double cohorts from the Xth. continues and issues an individual order, routing units for 12 more RPs.

Lentuaus attacks briefly and pulls his line back into order.Afranius attacks also but bounces off the solid Ceaserian line. The yoeman work this turn goes to Domitus however.

He racks up an amazing 30 Rout Points destroying 4 Syrian cohorts, the poorly trained soldiers buckle from the disciplined attacks of the hard as nails cohorts from Gaul. On a minor note 2 cohorts of Caesars army do indeed rout also after being asked for too from them much in the field. These 12 Rout Points are barely noticed.

Antonius follows this up and reorders his line then surges forward, taking 15 additional Rout points. Pompey cracks the 200 mark in RPs. He concedes at this point.

The battle as we know it is over.

The final View:

4 thoughts on “Pharsalus final stages

  1. Awesome, Kevin. It’s such a big one to refight and this gives us a good narrative. I’ve just acquired JC: The Civil Wars myself (with the counters still in their original counter sheets!) and am looking forward to running through some of the scenarios. I had thought it might just be a long, long slugging session. But it looks like it will have more flavour, as your narrative shows, with the different levels of experience of the cohorts – veteran, recruit and conscript – being a key factor in the combat simulation.

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