Some things are always special WWII


In 1976 this baby came out. The then biggest single war game.

Combining War in the West with War in the East… can read all the details on this game at In summary:

So, where does all this leave us? For my own part, I believe that WORLD WAR II — despite its sorry reputation — is a very interesting treatment of some of the most basic strategic issues confronting both sides during the Second World War in Europe. Obviously, as a simulation, it leaves quite a lot to be desired; but when considered on its own terms — as a strategic puzzle — I think that it succeeds quite admirably. For this reason and at the risk of being “a lonely voice in the wilderness,” I would recommend this game to almost any type of gamer, whatever their skill level. It may not be widely-liked, but I personally think that it is a much better game than most players tend to believe. Whatever its defects, WORLD WAR II (1973) is far easier to learn and a lot less time-consuming to play than eitherTHIRD REICH or WORLD WAR II (1985). And, although I have tinkered with it a number of times over the last few years, it is still one of my first choices when I find myself in the mood for a little solitaire play.

Now for me having played the game 2-3 times as a lad, I found all the strategic level items rather interesting, we tested various ‘gambits’, added some of our own chrome and got more hours of entertainment as a group of young guys than we deserved.

So this is not a review, nor a AAR, just a little homage to a game I once loved and am now re connected to. It also has a copy of WWI, the not so playable but highly collectible add on expansion Unpunched.


The 1st Edition has green Russian units. MUCH nicer than the typical red , red red of  the 2nd Edition and EVERY title on the East there after.

Very Napoleonic.


The Fascistsfrom Italy  are…. Orange



Yes iconic Graphic aint it!?


Kampfe Gruppes



Unique Russian forces and transportation.

Below Commonwealth transports and bombers.


US Forces


Next Post images from the 9 maps.





One thought on “Some things are always special WWII

  1. Hi, Kev. Just a quick question. The game you mention is World War II by SPI. The game components and such are from SPI’s War in Europe/War in the West/War in the East game systems. Either way, I’m jealous! I do have the WWII European Theater of Operations (SPI), as well as Global War by SPI. Both are interesting games that I’m glad to own.

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