Get the Boomers p1

I had my 3rd game of 2nd Fleet basic recently.

There is a video on the channel:

But here is a quick snapshot with some images.

We have a delicate mission take 3 beat up older subs and fool the 2 spiffy US subs so that we can sneak our precious Boomers past to the ice cap to avoid detection should the US elect a first strike nuke attack….all very serious.

With this sub only fight we have to find each other and then torpedo it out. The search craft can drop the odd bomb too. Well I guess its a mine right.

Anyway, no need to get to detailed. This game is simple. You move, you search you fight, you do that 3 times and its a turn. AM/PM/Night.

The combat is brutally simple. The search elegantly done via connected zones. Off we go.

off the bat the older Soviet subs close fast while the boomers prepare to sneak south. The spotter find one US SSN.

Soviets close for combat.

No hits on either side.

The bombers miss also.

In the background the Boomers wait their chance to move.

The Soviets close on the   US sub.

Hoping to obtain a damage result. Boom yes!


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