No Retreat [Side by Side] Turns 4-8

Game Turn 4 Game One: We pick up the action in the Side by Side series from the previous post:

Despite pushing hard on Moscow I can get past Austins tight defense.

G2 T4

Similarly  Peter is pushing deep into Soviet territory but Brady keeps him bogged up.

So we had a few rules issues and had to reset Game One…oops.

Game Turn 1 Game 1 Reboot:

G2 T5:

Nice and tidy, both sides get into the swing of things.

Game 1 Reboot

Game Turn 3

This time the Soviet defense is more spread.

G2T6 and Brady is dug in, and the weather is turning, and Axis losses mount (see mid board)


Austin, puts up an admirable defense. I struggle with groking the supply rules.


Baby its cooooooold outside.

G1 T5…..sigh.

G2 T8

G2 T8

G1 T7 issues again. South


Leningrad falls


3 thoughts on “No Retreat [Side by Side] Turns 4-8

  1. I miss these side-by-side games. I am almost finished with the 5th Fleet rules and expect you to follow through this time!

    P.S. Any of the thousands of hot women who read this site asking about that handsome devil in the photo?

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