Angola 2

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Our 2nd play of Angola, after rolling for sides…we ended all playing the same Faction!

So Be It the Fates have spoken, Controlling towns however is very different this time and we have a very dispersed set up for FAPLA/MPLA.

Turn 1

MPLA from Nova Redondo to Benguela to capture the town, in a 3-1 blasting attack.

Unita roll from Pereira de Eca to Sa da Bandeira capturing it, now control the road from Serpa Pinto to Bandeira. That was fast!

FAPLA move their isolated forces from Mocamedes to Pereira de Eca in an attempt to slow the reinforcements from Sth Africa. attack at 2-1.

The FNLA move forces in FLEC region and attack in 2 rounds of bloody combat, losses are high for each side but FNLA prevails

Round 2

MPLA moves from Ambriz, attacking Ambrizete but is repulsed.

FAPLA move from Periera back to Mocamedes leaving a holding force.

The FNLA move in strength from Malanje to Lucala closing in on the coast road junctions.

Round 3

The MPLA take a column from Luso to Texeria and attack Henrquie de carva, the FNLA hold their ground.

The Carmona – Caixto axes is attacked and UNITA/FNLA pick up another township. Fighting is furious.

FAPLA occupy vacant towns north of Nova Lisboa. as a land grab for VPs is on.

End Turn 1. VP total 10-10. FAPLA and FNLA make huge requests for support from Secret aid providers.


MPLA move from Gabala north, and FPLA move into the Jungles in the north towards Cabinda. They will close on Cabinda much faster this time around.

Round 2

Forces move from Poro Amboim to Gabela for the MPLA,

FAPLA push FNLA out of Lucala!

After taking Santo Antonio FPLA force march down the coast to Ambriz , where they underestimate FAPLA strength and take heavy loses being forced to retreat back they way they came.

Round 3

UNITA Colum A from South Africa crushs the weak FAPLA forces in Periera.

FAPLA retaliates with airstrikes and attacks out from Luanda into Caxito, losing several aircraft to SAM attacks.

The FNLA Column C attack Portugalia. The FNLA race the roads from Lucala to Novo Rodondo!

7-13 VPs 2vps to UNITA FNLA alliance. Secret aid ramps up on all sides.

Unita leads off events in Turn 3

FNLA attack in the jungle outside Cabinda in a 7-1 massacre.

Round 2

FAPLA move from North to Lucala and a attack the UNITA forces there.

FNLA capture Ambriz and tighten the noose on Luanda.


MPLA attack out of Texeria to Henruique and are repulsed, due to minefields.

FAPLA Capture Ambriz.

Cabinda falls to FNLA forces . This spells bad news for the MPLA.


UNITA fight it out for control of Periera again. FAPLA retreat from Ambion after a disasterous attack where heavy Cuban tanks were destroyed by anti tank weapons, before a shot is fired.

MPLA kill another straggler in and around the Henruique area. The coastal roads are clogged with battle between FAPLA and UNITA /FNLA.

9-11 VPs FAPLA/MPLA lose again. Secret aid requests taper off with UNITA and FNLA Seeking the most this turn.

Turn 4

FAPLA kicks off the rounds. Anbriezte falls to forces from Ambriz, but with heavy losses. FNLA uses 5th Column to move units.

MPLA finally clears out enemies near Henruique. UNITA race from the southern coast to Nova Lisboa.


FAPLA attack forces in Lucala and bring huge arty to bear. MPLA captures towns in a run from Carmna to Maquela.


Forces in Luanda take Quibala jungle village. FNLA forces stream out of Cabinda into Zaire.

End VP 14-6. Once again aid requests are lowered.

Turn 5

FNLA start the round moving huge forces from Zaire to Zam briete.

MPLA move their Col A to Luso.

UNITA advance from Silva Porto to Luso and attack. FNLA move forces into Silva Porto.

UNITA follow up thier attacks and move to reinforce Nova Lisboa. FAPLA stage forces adjacent to Novo Lisboa. Col E enters Angola from Zaire.

MPLA moves forces to recapture towns. UNITA begins dropping blocking forces in and around Lisboa. FAPLA moves more troops to Nova Lisboa.

FNLA wrap up their final round by capturing Ambriz.

MPLA alliance is in tatters recriminations bounce back and forth.

VPS total 8-12, MPLA/FAPLA lose another turn. This time sginificant forces enter the fray for FAPLA and MPLA.

Turn 6

FAPLA attack force in Ambriz and crush them. FNLA attack the FAPLA and wins due to heavy tank and army and mercs integrated into their force mix.

UNITA blocks roads south of Nova Lisboa.

MPLA Cuban forces move into action to attack CAxito. UNITA finishes surrounding FAPLA forces in the South.

FAPLA attack Nova Lisboa in a break out move, their arty kills many, but they are forced to retreat. FNLA forces FAPLA out of Carmona. The MPLA attack Caxito to try and break the FNLA down. FAPLA rallies forces for another attack and are rejected again. FNLA attack from Ambriezte but are force back. MPLA captures Luso again.

Turn 6 end sees MPLA alliacne lose again. 8-12 vps. 1 aid requested by all.

The FNLA begins the Turn 7. attacking Carmona, UNITA bring in hordes of troops. FAPLA attack Nova Lisboa and AR again.

FNLA in Round 2 attack Caxito and retreat. MPLA move to Lucala. Sa, attack forces ofFAPLA in Jungle near Quibala. FAPLA attack Nova Lisboa again. FNLA forces break the noose again, and move from Sila Porto to Luso.

UNITA attacks Quibala. FAPLA attack and secure Caxito to buy some room. But the FNLA are on the march they steal down the roads from Luso to Texerie scoring big points.

Game over. WTH..That bounced fast. Once again caught flat footed by wily play from UNITA FNLA! Well done gents.


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