Yankee Hammer Compendium [WaW]

May 14th 1985, Yankee Hammer:

Yankee Team has the job of holding up the advance of the Soviet breakout of 33rd Motor Rifle and elements of 1st Tank. It’s a tall order, but Bergengipfel must remain in US control until it can be reinforced. Yankee sets its ambush.
[note: I think there is an error in map dimensions, it should run at least one hex further North based on scenario notes ]

“Yankee One (Y1) visual on BMP X2 south of Birghoff. Permission to fire over? “Yankee1 hold fire, we have visual also. All units heads up Russkies on the move to Klappenburg. Hold fire until they hit the stream.” Radioed Yankee Leader (YL)
“Team 1(T1 Abrams platoon) & Team2 (T2 Abrams platoon) wait for confirmation of tank support as a priority target.”

“Roger that Yankee Leader (YL).”

“This Lone Ranger (LR) 1 (an ITV) , we have visual on 2xT62 – that’s 6 old ones! “Roger that, Lone Ranger you are weapons free.” Called YL.

“Oscar Mike, ok boys light ‘em up. target 1500m 9-deg make ‘em count fire on lead elements.” That was the signal for the battle to start with ITV ‘s fire. [Soviets are now free to fire]
– [disrupted. ]
– “This is YL , to Yankee One (Y1-platoon of troops) – hit ’em now they are in the water. “

Team 1&2; “we have no verified targets, request permission to fire on BMP’s headed towards woods NW of Klappenbruck, over. “

“No hold fire wait for clear target on T-62s,” said YL.
“This is Lone Ranger- multiple units southbound West of Kalppenbruck woods. no shot -repeat no shot yet.”

“This is Y1, its gunna get hot here, request permission to move, we see 4 smokers in the creek, nice shooting Lone Ranger”
“ This is YLdr to Y1, you are to hold and fire at will on units in the stream, fire ,fire, fire.”
“ Roger”. [Dragon team lights up reluctantly]

“- fu*k f^&k, we missed , Y1 to YLdr we gotta roll, again request permission to relo. “ Yankee Leader to Y1: “roger that.”

“ Team 1 & Team 2 toast those burps in the stream before they get to town.” Directed YL.
“Roger that,” “Gunners target remaining bmps,… fire.” [Both Abrams platoons salvo out of the city.]

– “This is Yankee one we are in cover moving to site 2”
– “This is Team 1 I hear heavy tanks to our west of EB, orders? Over”

[1st Tank enters map and powers to Y3. 400m from Abrams, behind a copse of trees.]

– 33rd activates

This is Yankee 1 , Russkies are at woods edge, south of the Klapp, looks like 2 platoons., …orders? We are on a limb here..

-“ We are taking a shot with Dragons @ bmps leaving woods.”
“ This is Yankee Ldr here come the 72’s.

“HQ to all tanks fire at will take out those 72’s. Lone Ranger move to support Yankee 1 ASAP.”
[Team 1 firing Team 2 firing.]

“ no hits /no hits. “ Report Team1 and Team 2.

“ Team 1 Team 2 wait for the clear shot. Yankee 1 sit rep?” The strain was showing in YL voice.
“They are on us sir, we waiting for a shot but I think they gotta close assault up the hill. Request Relo, we are still lugging more ammo from the M113.”
[2xT mkr no 1st Tank move]
“This is Team One we gotta visual on HQ unit in woods Sth of the Klapp target acquired, firing. Hit, hit we got a solid hit, T-62 is KIA.

[Over the battle field noise YL reports]:
-“ This is Yankee ldr we are retreating from heavy assault in EB with Team 1.”
“ Team 2, could use some help here. “ Requests YL.

Team 2: “Sir were engaged, I’m kinda friggen busy here.”
[YL recovers his stacked platoon recover from disruption]

“This is Yankee Ldr…T2 get the HQ on the bridge, we will manage here, taking heavy fire.”
“roger that .” “Gunners new target”


– “This is Y1, guys..FFS I could use some love. Where is Lone Ranger? “
“ I got 3 platoons closing on me and half the Russian army backing them up. “
“ This is Lone Ranger we are retiring to Bergenipfel over.
“WHAT!!!!!!! “-Y1. “You Mother…arsehole, SOB”…”we are bugging out Yankee Leader over, Lone Ranger left us hanging”


“Ok Team 1 lets finish off this platoon in EB.” YL fires and misses “ dam it Team 2 fire away. We missed that lucky bastard.”

“Target eliminated Yankee Ldr. straighten yer barrel……”

– “This is Lone Ranger in Bergenkipfel I got a clear shot on a BRDM tank killer” – “fire away gunny.”

Lone Ranger reports “ we are taking heavy fire, we are buttoned up in Bergengipfel” “I count 1xBMP platoon, 3 inf platoons in woods and T-62s” headed our.” Can we get air support?

“Lone Ranger that’s a negative, hang tough”
“This is Lone Ranger, we are taking heavy fire from BRDM’s located…”….silence.

“Shit” says YL.

“That Infantry is coming over the rise and their BMP’s are closing fast, fire at will, fire at will.” Calls YL.
[33rd moves and pushes up close.]

[Yankee 1 transport is waiting for a shot at the dismounted infantry. Suddenly the M113’s explode, from afar the BRDM’s are taking their toll.]

– [Amid the nose of a furious but ineffectual attack by 1st Tank,]
YL “ Nice shooting Yankee1, you killed some of those BRDMs. Now I need to you slow down the 72’s in EB.”

– “Yankee Leader we hit the EB tankers again, but they are well covered. We need assist.”

T7 : double turn draw.

Turn 8.
– “Yankee one reporting in, that BRDM is toast.”
“look at thos asseholes in the field, run those bastards down, come on Team 1, follow me.”
[The Abrams make short work of the 2platoons, but are killed in the process themselves.]
“Oh crap.” Says YL. “ I FUBARed.”
[I wonder if I did that assault right?]
[1st tank moves]
“Hey “ YL over the noise of armor piercing shells bouncing off his command tank; “ Yankee 1 you need to shut that platoon down in EB, pronto”
[no hits]
Yankee draws
“This is Yankee 1; we ass smacked the tankers in EB, they are hunkered down.” [hq elim. disrupt tank]
[33rd recovers some units and take town hexes!!]

T8 final activation for US
– Yankee draws
[The Abrams recover.]
“This is Yankee Ldr, we will soften up those infantry for ya, you have to retake the town over” [gotta take shot an avoid opp fire at close range for the tanks]
– Yankee 1 “ you got incoming fire at you Yankee Leader from your rear.” [Explosions all around Yankee Leader and Team 1 but they stay intact.]

[Yankee 1 assaults the Soviets, one disrupted one not in city hex.
repulsed, disrupted and reduced…..US……

Soviets win. Victory Track points: Nato 154 /Soviet 46. But Soviets take the town despite massive losses.


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