Austerlitz 0630 Turn 2 [Allies]

French Lancer, but you get the idea

0630 A horse galloped furiously thru fog, heedless of shouted warnings from hapless scouts and advanced guards of the 7th Jaeger Regiment under the 3rd Column. He bore a message of the utmost importance.

Meanwhile Constantine fidgeted at the  camp with the Emperors and their retainers. Merely 30 minutes into the operation and the leaders were bickering about the plans.

“What if Napoleon is trying to fool us?”

“Reports say a enormous force of Cavalry approaches Pratzen? Say one officer

“Rubbish” says another “Infantry were heard marching up the road FROM Stanton redoubt!”

“Insanity, Napoleon attack? He is cowering in his soggy tent.” “Mark my words, by the time this confusing fog clears we shall all be drinking Schnapps over that little bastards dead body.” said a Colonel.

“Enough” said a quiet but firm voice. “Your Imperial highness’s, if I may suggest a small modification?” Constantine stepped forward and marked the salt map in front of every one.

Let me advance down the road to the junction with the Imperial Guard as a mere morale booster and a show of force for all concerned. Having all those cannons on the high ground makes good sense and we shall let loose a salute to one and all upon our victory!”……………

please vote:

1. Activate Imperial Guard to move forward into a suitable supporting position. i.e. The road junction at Vinorahdy nothing

The mounted messenger approached Przybyczewsky’s command group. Breathlessly he relayed the news that villagers and one scout who was wounded in action had seen the 28th Dragoons Regiment which meant Davout was closer than everyone thought!

A junior officer scoffed. It is not possible, they must have been foragers from Legrands Dragoons, the 16th!

“No! I tell you”. Said the messenger.  he was specific, Orange collars AND Orange turnbacks! Muller and Stryk looked at Przybyczewsky….waiting. Muller then said “If I recall the French have little flair when it comes to uniforms, as such only four Regiments bear Orange on Orange on their Green coats. Whereas Legrands forces are indeed Pink on Pink, sets off that drab green much more elegantly as I recall the last time I ran thru one myself!


Change orders from attack the Pheasant Garden to either:

a. hold town Saachen in order to threaten reinforcement flank

b. support attack on Telnitz.

c. do nothing

Back in the Tsar and Kaisers camp the debate continued as new reports trickled in: “Initial reports in show light forces holding Telnitz, with likely a division  spread from the Pheasant Garden to the Solkonitz. ” Read the junior officer resplendent in Parade dress, nary a mark upon his whites. Prince Katusov noticed, and said ” You saw this yourself?”…”Well no Sir , I mean Your Majesty…I am merely the messenger.”

” My Buxhowden will manage this with no qualms, and do not question the integrity of my lowly officers”. Spoke the Tsar thru gritted teeth. Just then another report arrived. Additional French Forces were seen on the road to Telnitz (off map),  Przybyczewsky was seeking to change his objective.


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