SPII Redux T6/T7

Clear Weather.

Air A 6 /S 2

Massed formations of Soviets attack Surovikino a total of 102 factors including DAMS  @ at 8:1….. d1.

End of Turn overview top down! Stalingrad at top.

The Nizhne  zone is under pressure!  The Soviets even get a solid attack off on Stalingrad inflicting a step loss, but cannot dislodge.

Game Turn 7


Air: A6/S1

Lots of attacks in the North as remnants are being chased down. In the South Aksai is captured. and the line extends to attempt a massive pocket. Surovikino is attacked again for no result. Last turn Arty DG’s slow the pace in this area. A 3:1 attack causes A2 losses. These low odds attacks are B.S. Not to be dissuaded the Soviets attack @ 1:1 and roll 12! Soviets try attacks in the central area of the map, but fear the odds.

In the German turn they move aggressively to  plug up the South sweep the Soviets attempt in Aksai. OOS units are killed and and exploitation takes some Panzers OOS themselves but eliminates 4 steps. In the North the Axis surprise the Soviets be pouncing on weak units by launching attacks across the Chir.

Aksai is hotly contested these 2 turns. Soviets end up OOS

Soviets atk Northern ‘burbs of Stalingrad! d1 result

16th Tank takes 2 step loss.  66th Army inflicts a A2 loss on the German attack. The Germans are feeling stretched.

The squeeze is on.

The Romanian units in the North are doing their best to hold  and absorb force allocations by the Soviets:

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