Play by Poll Genesis, Imagine…..its 1805.

I was doing some reading…eating a Pie when!

This is the result:

Napoleon surveyed the fog.

His officers had a brilliant plan. He had after all designed it.

Executing in this fog would be fraught with potential danger and errors. But that was nothing compared to the damage he would wreck upon the impudent Russian and and Austrian forces. With visibility limited to 150 yards his men could achieve their goal of splitting and crushing enemy armies piecemeal.

He smiled as the mist swirled around his feet. Above him in Santon Rebdoubt he could hear the echoes of voices, as final munitions were being loaded for distribution to the men on Olmutz road. His men in the feld had a surprise for the Russians.


Thus began the 2nd battle of the  war of the 3rd Coalition which had proven to be another opportunity for Napoleon to turn the tables on his adversaries.

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