SPII Redux_T4/T5

End Turn 1:

Good progress by the Soviets, from Turn 1. Losses are being inflicted at a higher rate than the previous play thru also.


Air: A5/S5

Soviets continue the push forward. Trying to reach Lipovskii to Marinovka

Several attacks result in kills of expensive Axis units and the wholesale slaughter of weaker Romanians.

The Germans fight back. attacking in the hills DG one unit with arty and d1 a Guards unit. In the South they reorganize and put some space between them and the Soviets. The retreat is orderly towards Nizhne.

Turn 5


Air : A1 /S5

Lack of air is hurting the Axis. The Soviets advance to the Chir and isolate pockets. In the NW 4/5 Corp Rum are isolated in remnants.  They garner forces around Kalach. In the South they probe for weaknesses.

The Axis make a few weak attacks and pound the forces across the Volga in an effort to keep them either DG’d or unable to DG the Germans holding the two crossings.

They kill 3 steps in 57.20 ( i know… you dont where that is but its in my NOTES!!! 😉 -south of the Stalingrad area.).  They take an aweful loss on a attack losing 2 steps.

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