Bloody Ridge, Action so far and some detail on play

From my introductory videos regarding Op sheets you may have gathered that TCS was back on the table. You would be right! I was just helping a new guy grab hold of how to do a few things and I got the bug. This game represents the defense of Henderson Airfield post landing. Given the lack of action during the landing likely a good idea.

I will post a background piece if there is enough interest after we get some turns under the belt, as this is a fascinating look at the capabilities of the Marines for the first time in WWII.

Good news is, it is a small 1 mapper. I really have too many games on the boil at the moment. As you can see I was really trying to convince myself I was NOT going to play this game!

Nevertheless the play here is quick, unit count is low – 1 Regiment of Imperial Japan and the Raiders and sundries @ Guadalcanal. I’ll not be posting in this detail for all 83 turns, but I am happy to expand detail as interests, questions and or opportunity arises.

In the 0200- 0300 turn the Japanese plan becomes clearer. The USMC elects to fail the Paras in order to move them to support Hill 80 and reinforce 123.

IF the Enemy attempts to sweep around in a wide arc it will likely be daylight before they make it to 123. Corsairs are on stand by! Regardless USMC pop Illum to look for shots in the Jungle on the impending approach

In the 0300 turn the Japanese commit.

The first Overwatch Fires have no effect [R24 (rolled) on 14-16C (Column), then Final Overwatch Fire as they close ( as write this do you receive “2 shots” i.e. an overwatch as they come into view and then the final OW as the begin close assault?)

For those working out DRMs, -1 illum, +2 move, +2 range -2 p/protective =+1  (+ 1/2 steps added to FP) This time they drop 1 step and the Japs roll 14 for Morale.

The combats in Close Assault go 4 rounds. This is unusual, but with Marines ignoring suppressions and SYRs, and the Japanese converting Suppressions to step losses, this is a fight to the death.

Round 1

M: R25 11CF net +7 Col shifts = -1Step. MC R66 4Column paralyzed (-1step)

J: R3618CF net +4= -1Step. MC ok.

Round 2

M: R25 10CF net +6 = -1 Step. MC R21 NE.

J: R41 17CF net +4 = -2 steps. MC 46 -(1Step) suppression.

Round 3

M: R64 9Cf +6 (remember Japs stay in move mode all Close Assault rounds. -5 Steps. MC r13 NE (7col)

J: R41 16cf +4 = -2 steps MC = para! R64.

Round 4

J: R13 with 12CF +4 NE. MC R43 suppression, ignore.

M: R33 7CF +6 = -1 step MC 36 (-1step) suppression. Eliminated.

So the US hold on with just 2 steps remaining. The Japanese send a single platoon in to CA the now paralyzed enemy. The inflict 2 step losses and take one. Capturing the hex. Wow 3 platoons and an mg section pasted in one turn..

The play here is really bloody. With Morale in close assault for the Marines being able to shrug off Suppression and SYR results and the IJA taking an extra step in lieu of Suppression or SYR or Paralyze the field is littered quickly.  The other impact on deadliness is that the IJA stay in move mode during assault. This adds an additional modifier of +2 column to the attacks the receive from the Marines.  The Marines have dug in status so they are receiving a -2 column shift during these melees. Ugly!

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