SPII_Redux T3

Sorry for image sizing issues – its a pisser.

Turn 3

As you can see the Withdrawal continues! The details:

Turn 3


Air – A:4/S:6

1Guard & 5 Tank cross the River between hamlet and Medvezhii. The 21st pursues a broad front and chases down enemy units. The 65th captures Osikinskii. 24th and 66th dont do much as they look for good odds attacks. 1 4:1 attack results in a No Result near Vertyochii in the South. ┬áthe 51st make a 2 hex wide push. with 10-1 and 12-1 attack. Ending up with a a1d1…. really!!!! Their final attack is at a7:1. Keltskaia is captured.

Soviets inflict 6 steps of losses.

In the German turn in the North Reinforcements arrive west of the Chir River. The goal is hold and delay distract the Soviets.

From the Don River North to Chir a general retreat is ordered. The Nizhne Don river line is the Axis goal.

Attacks on the 51st bear fruit, and this inflicts 4 steps.

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